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  • From basic site adjustments to a complete overhaul OR a brand new website from scratch.

  • $100 - $350, price dependent on level of work required, what graphics you are providing and what I need to create.  Contact me to discuss.

  • If you already have a custom domain I can hook you up or help you get one if you need it.

  • So far I've only attempted websites via Blogger and Wix.  As these are the hosts I'm familiar with they are the ones I'd prefer to use, however I am determined to learn more.  So if you want to stick with your current provider I'm sure we can work something out.


This is only a new service and so the list of websites I have worked on is rather short!  Obviously this website you're on now is one of them!  Hopefully this list will extend in the near future.  Maybe even include yours ...?!

Designed with Grace (of course!)

Megan Keith

Riveting Reads Australia

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